Tech Marvel

about tech marvels

You might be a coding champ, or you may be more of a digital novice. As long as you’re passionate about the possibilities of technology, you may be a Tech Marvel.

If you’re resourceful, analytical and commercially minded, you could help us innovate using digital technology to make our customers’ lives easier, now and in future.

Tech Marvels usually apply for apprenticeships in the following roles:

  • IT Degree
  • Software Developer
  • Business Analyst
  • Cyber Security Technologist

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Strategy Ace

By asking the right questions and explaining complex ideas clearly, our Strategy Aces influence people across our business to make great decisions.


Relationship Champion

By building strong connections with people inside and outside our business, our Relationship Champions help us do the right thing for customers.


Solutions Pro

Creative and practical, Solutions Pros are always looking to develop solutions and processes that will enhance the lives of our customers and our people.


People Maestro

By helping our business leaders get best out of every individual and every team, our People Maestros help us get the best results for our business.