Amish graduated in Mechanical Engineering before choosing his career path as a Solutions Pro. Amish tells us what he has discovered so far.


A good starting point – Look beyond the obvious

I studied engineering at university but decided to look beyond it at a variety of careers I hadn’t really considered – I was curious to see what I’d discover. I wanted a career where I could use facts and data to find better ways of doing things, to work with details but also see the bigger picture, to offer solutions in a mixed commercial environment.

Lloyds Banking Group ticked a lot of those boxes. Then, when I looked deeper, I discovered a myriad of retail and commercial banking opportunities that were too good to turn down. But actually, in the end I opted to start in Retail because it was a new division that I felt I could help shape.

Strengths – Be good at finding solutions

I like to think that I know how to engage people, build connections and come up with solutions.

When I was at university I was president of the student’s union and I worked on an academic strategy shared by two universities. I looked at the issue from both sides, worked out what we were trying to achieve, devised a solution that suited the parties, then deliver the proposal in a clearly structured way.

I do this kind of thing a lot in my work at Lloyds Banking Group.

Passions – Education and my classic Mini

I’m passionate about education, partly because I negotiated hard with my university to deliver enhancement programmes, but mainly because education drives social mobility.

I’m also the governor at a local school, and one of the things I like about Lloyds Banking Group is the initiatives for coming into schools and helping young people like me to start thinking about careers like the one I have now.

I’m also passionate about classic cars – especially my own black 1970s Mini. I like the go faster stripes and classic interior – they make me marvel at the care and attention that’s gone into building it. If you look after a car, it lasts. If you look after people’s education, their opportunities in life can last too.

Development – Always ask more of yourself

I’ve developed quite a bit since starting my programme. Obviously my formal training focuses on my professional qualifications, and I’m also discovering what the organisation wants from its leaders – in my case, it’s solutions.

As well as acquiring specific knowledge for my current role, I choose to engage in other activities that ask more of me, because I believe it’s important to expand your thinking outside of your immediate world. For this reason I attend a range of courses offered by the organisation, just to broaden my knowledge. Like the gears of a classic car, your mind can seize up if you don’t use your mental cogs regularly!

Current job – Cars are part of it

I’m a business development manager who uses data to raise the overall performance of our entire consumer finance business. So I can be analysing our car leasing function, building a strategy for a product and developing external partnerships – all in the same day.

The skills I mostly use to come up with solutions are problem solving, numeracy, data modelling, logic and commerciality, all classic skills for a Solutions Pro.

Where next – Understand the inside

I expect my next job will be about understanding the business from the inside.

Up until now I’ve been getting to know the markets we operate in, and how we build our portfolio. But next I’d like to get an internal view of Lloyds Banking Group, to understand how each division interconnects, and to know the operating models that support the delivery of our products.

I’m not sure where I see myself in a few years – banking’s changing so quickly as fintechs and new legislation open the door to new competition. Lloyds Banking Group is having to adapt, and we’re seeing particularly in the growth of Digital. Right now my personal career goal is to keep building my professional expertise as a solutions provider.

Biggest surprise – Data goes deep

In the data analytics team I’m amazed at how much insight we can get from our data warehouse. This really deep data drives our new products, helping us to meet the needs of a customer base that’s always shifting and changing.

Proudest moment – Colleagues doing well

I have two proud moments. The first was seeing five of my colleagues promoted within three weeks of one another, and knowing that I’d been part of their journey.

The second was seeing my first analysis submitted to a senior committee for approval, and discovering that my outputs made a significant difference.

Good to know – Opportunities with depth and breadth

Our connections in the UK banking industry are much broader and deeper than you may think, and the range of products in our portfolio is very impressive. This means that the Group can offer solutions that a lot of organisations can’t – and the same is true of the career opportunities here.

And last but not least, it’s a good idea to get up to speed on PowerPoint, because a lot of us use it as our go-to office tool!






I like to think that I know how to engage people, build connections and come up with solutions.