While baking wasn’t part of her degree, Anam has developed a passion for creating goods that bring people together. Perhaps it’s no surprise that she’s also decided that our Commercial Banking Mid-Markets & SME Graduate Leadership Programme is the one she chose to join. Anam tells us what she has discovered so far.




An Internship, and the long-term

I discovered the Graduate Leadership Programme while on a Lloyds Banking Group Internship, and noticed I could gain experience across the Commercial Bank in client-facing, product and credit or risk roles.

I thought having the opportunity to work across all areas would be invaluable for long-term career progression, and it’s true. I can have a diverse career within Lloyds Banking Group and really grow into myself.

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A welcoming workplace

I’m good at building new relationships; I’m a very warm, open and chatty person. So it’s easy for me to get along with people from all walks of life, but in my experience you don’t always receive that response from people within a huge organisation. Lloyds Banking Group was different. During my internship here, I noticed this is a very accepting place where I could truly be myself.

Individuality matters

Through my current role, and my development activities, I discovered Lloyds Banking Group really values and encourages individuality.

In my current role in Commercial Banking’s Inclusion & Diversity team, I work across the business area to ensure we’re an inclusive and agile place for all colleagues to work. I report to the Head of Inclusion & Diversity for the area, and regularly interact with senior stakeholders too. I have had plenty of chances to take on a lot of responsibility, to project manage and own pieces of work. It’s taught me the value and importance of being your own individual at work.

Getting in the zone

I love my baking and cooking, and I usually bake to relax and escape for a little while. It’s just me in my very familiar space and in total control. I zone out and completely focus on what I’m creating, and I’ve noticed I can definitely do this when focussing on a project or particular piece of work, too.

Baking for a good cause

I’ve baked to fundraise for our Charity of the Year Mental Health UK. Most recently I did a tea and cake trolley which went down a treat. It’s just a nice mid-morning pick up and creates the opportunity to have a chat with people I would not normally have spoken to.

Also I very much enjoy sharing baked goods with family and friends, and just having a decent catch up over tea and cake!

Sharing part of my individuality

I’ve discovered that Lloyds Banking Group is an organisation that values and encourages individuality. My cultural heritage and background is something which I hold very close to my heart and I’ve had the opportunity to share this part of me. For example, I wrote an article on what fasting in the month of Ramadan means to me and how I balance fasting and work. It gave me the opportunity to express sentiments about my culture with colleagues across my business area,  whilst also being creative and expressive with my writing.

People help willingly

Whenever I have asked to shadow someone, or to meet them to discuss their role, I have always received a warm response. My manager has also helped me to realise my strengths by showing encouragement, support and giving constructive feedback.

By speaking to people across the Group I’ve discovered so much that I didn’t realise was an option for me, within the world of banking.

New places, new faces

I also enjoy discovering new places and meeting new people. On the Graduate Leadership Programme, I’ve had the opportunity to relocate to different cities and have had to adapt, be open and be flexible. It has positively influenced both my work and personal life.

Making a positive impact

I get to see, first-hand, how we impact people’s lives, especially in our client-facing areas of Commercial Banking. I’ve also helped streamline and simplify an internal process to ensure customers get their needs met faster. That I can have an impact on how effectively we bank for clients makes me feel valued and satisfied.

Final thoughts

Be yourself! Never underestimate the value of this. Also, joining or gaining experience from a bank will not limit you to just one career path – it opens up many doors.

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