Caroline has an LLB in Law and Business Studies and a Diploma in Legal Practice. She joined our Legal Graduate Leadership Programme. Caroline tells us what she has discovered so far.


First impressions – An extraordinary heritage

I learned about Lloyds Banking Group’s graduate programmes through my university’s career service.

I was impressed by the extraordinary heritage and values, and particularly Lloyds Banking Group’s mission to help Britain prosper and support local communities. So when I discovered that it ran a Legal programme for graduates, I had no hesitation in applying.

Motivations – Do things for others

I’ve been a volunteer Girl Guide leader for many years, and since starting my graduate programme I’ve become even more involved in community volunteering and charity fundraising.

Through Lloyds Banking Group, my colleagues and I have recently volunteered at a local primary school. I’m also supporting our graduate fundraising challenge, organising events and activities in aid of our Charity of the Year.

When I was a volunteer at my university’s Free Legal Advice Centre, I used to enjoy burying my head in books and reference materials to dig out factual information that could help others.

Interestingly, I go through very similar processes in my work today.

Researching is good, but you also have to connect with people, which is why I enjoy Girl Guiding so much. Being in teams committed to missions and causes that matter – that’s a worthwhile feeling.

Training – A good mix of specific and generic

I’m a trainee solicitor and my programme comprises four rotations in two years, one of which is an external secondment. You have to satisfy some very exacting requirements for The Law Society, and complete a certain number of hours at other law firms, hence the secondment.

In house I’ve already completed Trainee Continuing Professional Development (TCPD) on specific legal topics, along with a range of more generic courses that are offered to all new graduates.

Development – Step outside your comfort zone

My manager is very good at encouraging me to step outside my comfort zone, gain new experiences and engage with a wider network of colleagues. As I do this – as I move around Lloyds Banking Group – my confidence is increasing and I’m discovering a range of legal opportunities that could form my future here.

I’m now more competent at analysing topics that I previously had no experience of, and I’m better at keeping sight of the bigger picture while I focus on the detail.

Highlights – My induction and meeting senior leaders

In my opinion, the graduate induction events were fantastic. It was great to meet my peers, to see instantly how like-minded we are, how committed we are to the business and to our futures. And when I attended the presentations by senior leaders of the business, and found them incredibly inspiring and empowering, I knew I was in the right place.

Current role –­ Strategic solutions based on facts

I’ve discovered that I’m good at analysing situations from different perspectives, and at finding strategic solutions based on legal facts and research.

My commercial understanding is now more astute of commerciality, and I can see how the results of my legal research can affect business performance. By providing legal advice to different areas of our insurance business, I get to perform as part of the team.

I pay attention to detail, delve deep into research materials, prepare legal advice and present it in a way that my particular audience can understand.

Switching off – Escape into pure theatre

I’m a regular theatre goer, lucky to be living in Edinburgh, a very cultural city. Every year we have The Edinburgh Festival and The Fringe, which are fantastic for theatre.

When I see an actor putting on a great performance, or a comedian working an audience, I think about what it takes to be a good presenter, and I recognise how far I’ve come as a presenter.

For me it’s about being clear of my facts – my ‘lines’ if you will – and delivering them with confidence.






As I move around Lloyds Banking Group – my confidence is increasing and I’m discovering a range of opportunities that could form my future here.