Use your talent for building relationships to help people plan their financial futures, and see the impact you can have on the lives of others.

Lloyds Banking Group’s Insurance business, and our iconic brand Scottish Widows, has a proud history of helping corporate and individual customers plan for their financial protection. We are looking for motivated people to join us; problem-solvers who are keen to help Britain prosper and help us become the bank of the future. If that inspires you, discover more about our Insurance Graduate Leadership Programme.

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For people who are passionate about finding the right solutions, and using their knowledge to influence others, the Insurance Graduate Leadership Programme offers you the opportunity to explore your passions and strengths – and discover new ones.

Whether helping customers protect what matters to them today or helping them plan for tomorrow, Lloyds Banking Group’s Insurance teams are passionate about making a positive impact on peoples’ lives. Scottish Widows, one of the UK’s most trusted insurance providers, is also one of the most recognisable brands in the insurance market, serving over 4.3 million home insurance customers and 6.4 million life, pensions and investments customers. Ours is a sector that’s constantly evolving; new markets emerge all the time, and digital innovations mean we can offer clients new and exciting services too.

This programme aims to develop our leaders of the future. It offers you the freedom to experience the breadth of different areas and locations, envisage how you can be part of transforming an industry, and learn in a collaborative and inclusive workplace. Our goal is to make sure you have the right opportunities and support to make an impact, in your own way.


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Join us, and over two years, you’ll be empowered to learn a lot – about yourself, and our business – through three, eight-month placements, across three different locations in the UK. You’ll learn a lot about customer relationships and our variety of products and services, such as life cover, income protection, pensions, savings and investment products.

The first is a customer-facing role where you’ll gain an in-depth understanding of our customers; what they want, and how you can best meet their needs. The second will be in a specialist area such as our Channels or Product teams, and aims to expand your commercial and strategic skills. And, your third placement is designed to help you develop your leadership skills and potential. You’ll take full responsibility for leading a change initiative, a product development project, or potentially managing a team.

Wherever you’re based, you’ll work within teams whose interests and strengths are as diverse as yours are. You may work in customer-facing areas, directly responding to their needs, or you may work on projects where you are improving processes to better meet the needs of customers. You’ll also lead on volunteering initiatives that give back to UK communities. And, you’ll have the chance to complete a Diploma in Insurance from the Chartered Insurance Institute. Above all, on this programme, you’ll work closely with people to develop trusted relationships.

By the end of the programme, you’ll be ready to build a career that matters to you, anywhere within our entire Insurance business. And, if you like what you’re doing, we’re confident that it’ll prepare you to be one of the people who will steer the success of this multi-billion-pound business, in the future.

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Our Graduate Leadership Programmes are rotational and our roles in Insurance are located nationwide, including Bristol, Edinburgh and West Yorkshire.


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